Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Week 2 Day 8 of Animation Class

Wow! you folks are amazing... you created an amazing amount of work today and you experimented with a lot of different kinds of materials. 
Here is a break down of what you created.
1. A one page mini foldable that is blank. (Hold onto this we will use it next week).

2. A Booklet made of magazine pages that had some of the pages painted over with Gesso. (Hold onto this, we will use it later).
3. A single page from an old book that served as a background for a stenciled object.(This you glued into your sketchbook).
4. Everyone covered an envelope with two collage elements and drawings. The envelope was turned into me, I will mail it back to the college and bring them into class when I get them. 
5. In your sketchbook you experimented with watercolor on wax crayon and colored pencils that were blended with a Q-tip and Un-Natural Turpenoid.
6. Lastly, in your sketchbook, you created an ink monster that required you to blow the ink around the page with a straw. (some of you used a little to much ink...) After the ink was dry, black markers were used to add shoes, hands, eyes or even wings. Check out
the work of Stefan G. Bucher, he has created hundreds of monsters the same way.
I gave you a pre stapled white booklet, your job is to fill it with doodles or an organized story that you will fill with drawings using all of the topics that came from the story cubes. Using only a pencil is fine, if you decide to ink, be careful because the paper is thin.
bolt of lightning
ray gun
rice bowl
magnifying glass 

Have fun with the booklet if you have questions please email me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 2 Day 7 of Animation Class

Hi everyone,
Great work day today! I will look at the transformations and talk with each of you tomorrow. Remember that tomorrow we will be working in our sketchbooks, so bring your watercolor pencils, regular colored pencils, markers and ink to class. I will show and talk about different ways to use your materials. For homework its Anime Makeover. I have added two twists to the project in order to see who is checking the blog. Have fun!

* Please show the entire body, use blue and red pencil, add black marker paying attention to line quality.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 2, day 6 of Animation Class

Hi all,
your transformations are almost done, the homework for tonight is to draw a....

Please show the entire body, use blue 
and red pencil, add black marker paying 
attention to line quality.

The Bottom image of Mickey Mouse was from an attempt to propose animating him in a UPA style for the Mickey Mouse Club TV show. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 2, Day 5 of Animation Class

Hi everyone,
Your transformations are looking good! 
Tomorrow we will continue working on the transformation project. For homework, tonights drawing project is to draw yourself showing the "Cartoon Take" or otherwise showing an over the top physical reaction to a thing or event based on the work of Tex Avery and Basil Wolverton. Please show the entire body, use blue and red pencil, add black marker paying attention to line quality.
have fun!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 4

Wow! another day of amazing drawing... 
The head turns are looking good. Over the weekend you have two different projects.
1. Continue working on your transformations, you will have time to work on them in class on Monday.
2. Your sketchbook drawing project is... 
Make sure to use your Blue and Red pencils, add black marker and pay attention to line quality.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 3 of class

Hi Everyone,
Your blinking animation is looking really good. Tomorrow we be working on your profile drawings and the squash and stretch for the head turn. Here is what you need to do to be ready for tomorrow: 
1. In the Richard Williams textbook, read 84-96 ( this all about squash and stretch) and read pages 251-255 ( this covers flexibility in the face).
2. Have an electronic file that contains 6-12 images (.jpg images for the internet) that you will use as source images for your transformation.
3. Try a practice sketch of yourself in profile, make sure to work from a photo... it will be a lot easier for you if you do.
See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 2 of class

Hi all!
Great job today with your caricatures. 
1. Think of some ideas for the first animation. If you could become anything or anyone, what would it be?
2. Your drawing project is to turn yourself into a clown, it can be scary or funny, use your red and blue pencils, ink is optional.

Monday, June 16, 2014

First Day of Class

Hi everyone,
Great first day, tomorrow make sure to bring your red pencil and your sketchbook. Tonights homework: draw a scary monster, use any materials, just fill the page, if it helps think about that thing that scared you as a child. We will share in class tomorrow. This drawing is for fun the goal is to just draw. Here are a couple of images from Monsters Inc. to get you thinking...Have fun!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome Summer 2014 Students

I welcome one and all from the Cave... Summer 2014 
Cartoon Animation is about to begin.
See you all on Monday June 16.