Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

This is the place to find all kinds of extra information required for ARTDM 165-166


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

6/30 Homework

1. Turn in colored rubber hose drawing
2. Check your email for today's zoom recording look for the section on adding a moving eyes and a blink, its near the end of the recording. Due tomorrow.

1. finish the walk swim animations
2. Work on your character designs for your pitch bible project.

Monday, June 29, 2020

6/29 Homework

1. If you have not done so yet please turn in your colored Rubber Hose Character to the discussion board.
2. Go to the Leaf drop tab at the top of the blog and follow the directions in the 2 "how to" videos at the bottom of the blog and begin the leaf drop animation.

Continue working on your Walk, Fly, Swim animation or your character designs for the bible project.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

6/25 Homework

1. Please upload your final black ink only character design into the discussion board. 
2. Once I have given you feed back and you have refined your drawings you can digitally color your drawings.
3. Below I have a video that demonstrates how to color in Adobe animate if you have another drawing program are you would like to use that to color your character, that is OK.
4. I have created a colored rubber hose character discussion board for you to turn in your drawings. Please turn in by Monday at the start of class.
5. Go to the tab at the top of the blog and select the leaf drop tab, read through the information your homework will be to design a tree for the project and one type of leaf drawn from 3 different angles.
6. Please have the tree shape drawn, inked and colored along with the 3 leaves at the start of class on Monday.

1. Please count the number of scenes in your trailer. 
2. If you have finished working on the wacfl iswim project you can start working on creating rough character design 4 the pitch Bible project.

Cleaning up your work for coloring

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

6/24 Homework

1. If you have not done so yet please upload your first character design challenge to the Final Inked Character design discussion board.
2. Follow the directions on the Tab labeled rubberhose, due tomorrow. I have emailed everyone an additional video that demonstrates how to draw the entire body.

Have fun!

1. Tomorrow we will look at your next Walk, Fly Swim character.
2. If you have not done so yet send me the link to your trailer so we can talk about them tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

6/23 Homework

1. If you have not done so, please upload your feet, hands and 1st draft character design to the discussion boards.
2. After I give you feed back on your drawings in the discussion board,make the changes and re-upload. If it looks good you will be able to go ahead and ink them. Due tomorrow at the start of class.

1. Please continue working on your walk,fly, swim animation, the next one is due on Thursday.
2. If you have a trailer picked out send me a link to it by Thursday.

Monday, June 22, 2020

6/22 Homework

1.As we talked about in class please complete the hand drawings and upload to discussion board.
2. As we talked about in class please complete the foot drawings and upload into the discussion board
3. Go to the Character Design tab at the top of the blog and watch the Pete Doctor video on character design. Then answer the character questions, have those ready for tomorrow. We will work on our drawing designs in class.

Continue working on your second Walk, Fly, Swim animatic.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

6/18 Homework

1. Please go to the "Ball Bounce" tab at the top of the blog and follow the directions & the in class zoom video and create a ball bounce using Adobe Animate

2. If you have not done so yet, please upload the photo you used to create your caricature. To the caricature discussion board.

Thank you for turning in the first of the Walk Fly Swim projects.
On Monday we will review your progress. In the meantime, I have put up a tab on the blog with information about the pitch bible project, we will talk about it on Monday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

6/17 Homework

1. Watch the Video on Caricature, it's on the tab at the top of the blog labeled "Caricature Part 1"
2. Follow the directions on the blog and draw yourself using the photo used for the in class drawing project. 
3. Scan or photograph a copy of your drawing and upload it to the caricature discussion board by 12:50 at the start of class tomorrow.

4. No Inking or coloring so that I can give you feed back and you can adjust the drawing as needed.

1. Continue working on your walk, fly, swim, project.
2. Tomorrow at the end of class the first Animatic will be Due as a mp4.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

6/16 Homework

1. Please upload and turn in your pencil and inking practice sheet's to the discussion boards if you have not done so.
2. Go to the tab at the top of the blog titled "Head 1" read through the information and watch the video. This will get you ready for tomorrows class.
3. Tomorrow you will need a good photo of your head for the drawing project. See my photo example on the "Head 1" project tab.
4. Tomorrow we will also go into Adobe animate so make sure you have the program down loaded for your self, you get the program for free as a DVC student. I have a tab at the top of the blog titled "Getting adobe at home" It will get you started.

Continue working on your animal drawings.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, June 15, 2020

6/15 Homework

Hi Everyone, it was great to meet you all!

Everyday after class I will post the homework here on the blog. I will always break it into 165/Beginning Students and 166/ Intermediate students.

1. Go to the tab at the top of the blog and select the tab "Getting Adobe at home" follow the directions we will begin using Adobe Animate on Thursday.
2. In your sketchbook draw yourself, full body as a zombie, the directions are at the top of the blog, go to the tab labeled "Zombie" draw. Due tomorrow when class starts at 12:50. I have a discussion board all set up for you to turn your work. It can be a photo or scan, jpg,png or tiff.

1. Go to the "Walk, Fly, Swim" tab at the top of the blog and read the contents.
2. Decide what animals you would like to use for the project. 
3. Create 3 folders and spend some time collecting photo's of the animals you would like to use for the project. Place photo in folders, one type per folder. To do this correctly you should have pictures of the animals from all angles and multiple poses, generally this comes to 10-12 photos of each animal.
4. Be ready to talk about and show the photo's you have chosen as inspiration for the project at tomorrows class.