Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

This is the place to find all kinds of extra information required for ARTDM 165-166


Thursday, June 30, 2016

6/30/16 Homework

165 Students:
1. Draw your self as a real or fictional character from the american colonial period, 1492-1763. Add a background to the image, think about perspective and make sure that everything is period specific, this means you will need to do some research.
Draw in your sketchbook, full page, use Blue/Red pencil, ink, color in Illustrator is optional. 

Yep the drawing below is of me!

2. Read the following on the Sack drop project. We will begin it on Tuesday.

The images shown below demonstrate the principals of perspective. Screen captures from cartoons with perspective lines on top are included.

166 Students:
Tuesday be ready to show the rough drafts of your character designs.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

6/28/16 Homework

165 Students:
For homework in your sketchbook, full page, using blue/red pencil and ink. Draw yourself at 99. 
Coloring in illustrator is optional. 

Yep! The drawing below is me...!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Leaf Drop Project

165 Students:
1. Please read the 2 pages shown below on the leaf drop project.
2. Make sure to ink your leaves, tree and self cartoon you drew in class.
3. When you come to class on Tuesday please scan all three.
4. I will show you how to color them in Illustrator.

166 Students:
Please print out a couple of copies of the story board sheet shown below. Tomorrow, we will talk about story boarding your project. For homework, try some different character designs for your movie project. we will look at them and your final Walk, Fly, Swim animations.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Cave Drawing - Inking Spot light - Stephen Silver

Hi everyone, 
sitting in my cave doodling away and I thought I would post a couple of short videos on inking and sketching. Today they will all feature Stephen Silver an illustrator, cartoonist and character designer. 

Here are some samples of his work.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weekend Homework

Hi everyone!
great job on the ball bounce project!

165 Students:
1. This weekend, ink your rubber hose character
2. Draw yourself as a Simpsons character, full page, full body, in your sketchbook, using your Blue, Red pencil, and ink when done. Pay attention to line quality, play with thick line around the character a use a thin line for the inner part of the body.
 Yep! the drawing shown below is yours truly...
166 Students:
1. On Monday at the end of class the Walk, Fly, Swim, is due.
2. Over the weekend think about the big project, below is the outline, we will talk about it on Monday.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


165 Students:
In your sketchbook, full page, in red/blue pencil, draw yourself, full body as a rubber hose style character. 
NO SHADING and NO INK! Tomorrow in class we will finish the ball bounce and work on inking techniques, so please bring your black markers.

Yep! the two shown below are different versions of myself as a rubber hose character. 

166 Students:
This Thursday at the end of class we will look at you progress on the Walk, Fly, Swim animations.

Ball Bounce

Look at pg. 84-95 in the textbook.

Create a ball bounce in Flash, in about 2 hours, it will consist of: 

1. Title Card: 
A. 3 seconds long
B. Display your full name, and name for the cartoon, (You pick the name)

2. Body of movie: 
A. Before bringing the ball onto the stage wait 2 seconds.
B. The ball should be about the size of a quarter.
C. The ball drops in from a above.         
D. It must continue bouncing until it comes to a full and complete stop.          
E. After the ball has come to a complete stop pause for two seconds before
cutting to the end card.

3. End Card:
A. 3 seconds long
B. Must say the end.

-Please export the movie as a .mov file 
-Place into Ball Bounce folder in scratch.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


165 Students:
1. Read Pages:Look at pg. 84-95 in the Richard Williams textbook.

2. Draw a caricature of a current politician. Full head and full page.
Use your blue pencil to design the basic shape, add the red pencil for detail. No Graphite! and add black ink. No need to color your drawings.

166 Students:

Be ready to show me your "walk, fly, swim" character designs. At the end of class I would like to see a penciled character page. (Note: the same pose is used for each drawing all on the same page and lined up)

front, 3/4 front, profile, 3/4 back, back.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Congratulations you made it through the first day!

165 Students: 
1. Bring sketchbook and red pencil to class.
2. In your sketchbook, in any style, with any material, draw yourself as a Zombie, full page. 
Have fun! 
Keep your drawings in your sketchbook... 
3. On Tuesday we will jump head first into the drawing.

166 Students:
1. When we come into class be ready to talk about your 3 chosen animals.
2. Once you have chosen your animals, create a folder for each animal, pull clips and images from the internet and create a image source file that will help you as you work on your character design.
3. Review the information below and in the class folder in scratch as you prepare for your animation.
4. You rough character sketches are due, in pencil, at the end of class on Tuesday.

Below are examples of realistic animals verses cartoon characters.