Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

This is the place to find all kinds of extra information required for ARTDM 165-166


Thursday, July 23, 2020

7/23 Final day of class

Great Job everyone!
Thank you for a great semester.

I have good news, you have until Saturday July 25th at 12 midnight to upload your projects. Sunday I will be grading and posting grades.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

7/22 Homework

WHAT! last day of class is tomorrow!

Tomorrow projects are due last day of class

Pitch Bible projects are due and contain:

1. Scrollable PDF with content as discussed in class.

2. Folder with:
  • Character turns
  • Thumbnail animatic
  • Final animatic

Happening this weekend!

Check this out all you 
Adult Swim fans

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

7/21 Homework

1. Turn in your color walk in place. 

2. Once your walk in place is done go to video #6 at the bottom of the walk cycle tab and create your walk across video due at the start of class tomorrow.
3. Tomorrow we will talk about the final project.

Tomorrow we will look at your animatics as works in progress.

Monday, July 20, 2020

7/20 Homework

1. If you have not turned in your final color character spin please do so.
2. Please follow the instructions on the walk cycle tab at the top of the blog. You will turn in the pencil draft of you character walk by Tuesday 7/21 at the start of class. I will give you feedback, if it looks good, you can move onto inking and coloring the 4 walk cycle poses.
3. Tomorrow we I will show you how to have your character walk across the stage.
4. Below are 2 awesome videos on creating walks.

If you want to see some wiggly, wobbly walks, check out the work of Neil Sanders:

Continue working on Story Pitch Bible

Thursday, July 16, 2020

7/16 Homework

1. Follow the directions on the blog as you create a cartoon character of yourself as described in class, go to the tab labeled "Character Page"
2. Create test character spin in pencil only.
3. Upload spin & character page to the discussion boards.
4. I will leave you a message on the discussion board and let you know if you need to change anything or if you are ok and ready to move onto inking and coloring.
5. If you are cleared to move forward with the project, ink and color in the program of your choice.
6. Bring your final drawings into animate and create your final color character spin. 
7. Copy and paste enough frames so that you spin for at least 3 seconds.
8. Export as an MP4. and upload to the final color character spin discussion board. Due Monday 7/20 at the start of class.
9. Monday we begin the final animation, the walk cycle... more about that coming soon.

1. Continue working simultaneously on your character pages and your final animatic the entire project will be due on the last day of class.
2. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me over the weekend so that I can help you to work out whatever is that you need to be successful.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

7/15 Homework

165: You have no regular homework tonight this is your night to get caught up on anything you do not have finished, tomorrow we begin the final project.

Continue working on Bible project

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

7/14 homework

1. If you are still working on your expressive or UPA portraits please turn them into the appropriate discussion board.
2. Create a full figure yourself portrait of yourself as anime style character based on our discussion in class today and any information on the class blog.
3. make sure to go to the UPA discussion board as a project description window At the top there'll be a link that says UPA quiz it is short, multiple choice with only six questions. Due by 11:59 tonight.

Once you have your storyboard animatic with the backgrounds put together, you can work on either finishing your character pages or begin work all the drawings of the characters in the animatic final.

Monday, July 13, 2020

7/13 Homework

1. Go to the "UPA tab" at the top of the blog read through the information regarding how to draw a UPA  style character.
2. Go to the "UPA backgrounds" tab at the top of the blog and watch the 3 videos on the history of UPA. each video is only 8-10 min.
3. We will have a short quiz in class tomorrow about the videos. As you watch the videos think about the following:
a. What was one of the catalysts at the beginning of the first animation union?
b. What did John Hubley want animation to do?
c. What did world war two have to do with animation?
d. What was the first UPA cartoon to put them on the map.
e. What is the basic theory behind UPA animation?
f. What is the basic message that runs throughout UPA animation?
4. Go back to the UPA tab and follow the directions for tomorrows class.

1. Please continue working on your backgrounds, either drawing them them or placing them onto the final animatic.
2. Maybe tomorrow at the end of class we will look at your storyboard animatic with the backgrounds put in. on a side note, I'm not expecting anymore to have motion tweens, at this point, just having a background in would be great.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

7/9 Homework

From this week in class:
1. Most important thing you can do is to finish your sack drop.
2. Go to the Simpsons tab at the top of the blog and create a cartoon of yourself, full body as a Matt Groening style character. Upload to the discussion board, due Monday.
Now for the weekend:
1. Go to the "Expressive Style" tab at the top of the blog and follow the directions. Create a full body cartoon of yourself having an over the top expressive emotional moment. Due monday
2. On Sunday I will add another tab on the blog called "UPA", this is a very specific style of animation.
Please review the content for monday. No "UPA" drawing necessary until Monday. 

It's all about the backgrounds, Due Monday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

7/8/20 Homework

1. If you have not completed the sack drop please do so.
2.If you are done with the Sack drop animation, go to the Simpsons tab at the top of the blog and follow the directions for the next drawing project.

Its all about the backgrounds.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

7/7/20 Homework

1. Sack Drop project is due at the end of class tomorrow, keep on animating those sack.
2. No number 2 go back to #1, that is the priority.

1. Tomorrow at the end of class turn in the final Thumbnail Animatic.
2. Begin working on backgrounds, all backgrounds are due July 13 at the start of class.
3. Backgrounds should be drawn and colored, you may use the program of your choice for coloring but keep in mind that it need to fit withing a horizontal format.

Monday, July 6, 2020

7/6 Homework

Follow the instructions on the Perspective tab and create a backdrop for the sack drop project, due tomorrow at the start of class(7/7/20)

Continue working on your thumbnail animatics.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

7/1 Homework

1. If you are still finishing your rubber hose character, please do so and upload it to the character discussion board as soon as possible.
2. Tomorrow I will be collecting the leaf drop project at the end of class.
3. For homework tonight please look for the sack drop character design tab at the top of the blog and follow the instructions as you design your character. After drawing, please upload to the discussion board with your written choice as to which design you want to use and why. Due with the beginning of class tomorrow, no inking pencil only.

1. If you have completed the walk fly swim project please work on rough sketches of your character design for the pitch Bible project I have created a discussion board for you to upload your drawings. Everyone must reply and give comments on one another's concept art. Stay positive and supportive in a sentence or two say what you like and why. Limit your response to each image to no more than 25 words.
We have a small group this time with only 3 people so it should be an easy process.