Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

This is the place to find all kinds of extra information required for ARTDM 165-166


Thursday, March 28, 2019

100 Heads

165 Students: Go to the 100 Head tab and follow the directions. Most of you made a great start on the the project in class tonight... Have fun!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


165 students
1. For homework please ink the anime drawings you worked on in class, we will look at them on Thursday.
2. Next class I have a surprise  so don't be late.
3. We will look at the final sack projects on Thursday.

166 Students
Next class bring your watercolor paper and your pencils we will sit down together and draw.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The sacks are done

Wow I'm so impressed with how your UPA drawings are turning out.

Good Job folks..

1. Come to Monster Draw
2. Use the weekend to make sure the best versions of the homework drawing projects are in your sketchbooks.
3. Bring your sketchbooks to class on Tuesday, I will be giving them a Mid. term once over, looking for your homework drawings.

1. Watercolor pencils, watercolor paper and a water brush pen. Bring them if you have them.
2. I 'm bringing my supplies and will demonstrate tools and techniques.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

UPA Time

165 Students:
For homework go to the "UPA" tab and read the directions on how to create a UPA character.  For Thursday I would like you to try 3 variations of yourself in that style. Keep the drawings in pencil, do not ink so that we can talk about your designs.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Sacks keep falling

Great job on your sack projects, on Tuesday we will finish them up.


Both 165 & 166, check out the animation podcasts listed on the "Animation Podcast" tab. I guarantee
you will find something interesting to listen to. 

1. Go to the "Draw a Leprechaun" tab and follow the directions for this weekends homework drawing project
2. From the Richard Williams text book, read pages 61-63 on the 3 ways to animate, be ready to talk about this in class.

1. Go to the "Storyboarding" Tab at the top of the blog and have a look at the information regarding storyboarding, we will talk about it in class on Tuesday. 

2. Go to the DVC book store and pick up the class textbook.

Its here 166 Students!

The DVC bookstore has it for 26 bucks!
Pick yours up soon!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The sacks are falling

The sacks are falling

165 students: For homework, go to the "Drawing 5 finger hands" tab and follow the directions for Thursday. We will look at them at the beginning of class.

Thursday, March 7, 2019


165 Students
1. If you have not completed the background drawing for the sac project, please do so and have it inked the black marker by class on Monday. 
(You are a little behind)  
2. Regular homework, In your sketchbook, in red or blue pencil, use your ruler to create your sack character. Remember to show 5 poses all in a row, exactly in this order.

Front, 3/4 Front, Profile, 3/4 Back, Back

3. Ink with your Black marker and bring this to class on Tuesday.
4. In class you will bring your drawings into illustrator and color.

5. For those of you that need help with hands I have put of a tab called "Drawing 5 Finger Hands" go and give it a try, I will talk more about it in the weeks to come.

166 Students
At the start of next class we will look at your character spins first.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

It was a lovely day for perspective

1. Go to the tab labeled "Perspective" and follow the instructions we will look at your designs next class.
2. Remember... Monster Draw is March 22, invite a friend.

Next class we will look at your character pages and character spins. The spins should be in pencil, just show the test spins.

Just for fun here are two silly spins