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Friday, September 9, 2016

9/8 Homework

Great job everyone on the Acme podcast!

165 Homework:
In your sketchbook, draw yourself as a Charles Schulz style character. Full body, located in the center of the page, use red pencil first, then ink, pay attention to line quality. Dress the character in the way that you would dress. Have fun!

Yep! the one below is me...

The image below is just a fun bonus image, the artist drew famous horror icons in the Charles Schulz style

166 Homework:
Over the weekend do some research on the film you have chosen. Create a digital file with photos from the movie, they will be used to inspire your drawing. Look for backgrounds, and full body shots of the characters. Most importantly, watch your movie, this is the best way to begin your research. Draw some sketches, we will review your progress on Tuesday.

As demonstrated in class, create two water color pencil paintings in your water color sketchbook. One is directly drawn onto the paper. The second is done by pulling the pigment off of the brush.

See you Tuesday! 

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