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Monday, June 18, 2018

Great First Day

Great first day!

165 Students:
1. For tomorrows class, make sure to bring your 9"x12" spiral bound blank sketchbook, a red or blue pencil if you have it and your eraser.
2. If you would like a copy of the syllabus, you may: A. Copy it from the class folder to a Thumb Drive
B. Print it out in class.
C. Do both
3. For homework, in your sketchbook, using any medium (Pens, pencils, markers), draw yourself full page as a zombie. 

Yes, the two drawings directly below are of me. The B/W was ink on red pencil and the color one was the inked drawing that was scanned, imported into illustrator then colored. 
* Later in the week I will be showing you how to use illustrator

166 Students:
1. Go to the page tab at the top of the blog titled, "Walk, Fly, Swim" follow the directions. We will review your animal choices on Tuesday.
2. Reminder, you will not need your watercolor pencils until next week.  

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