Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Monday, November 18, 2019


here is the link to the making of, please look at so that we can talk about it in class on Wednesday!

165 students, please read carefully, one of the three options below will pertain to you:

1. If you have completed penciling your character page and your walk cycle and tested them both, than you can ink the drawings with black outlines.
2. If you have completed penciling your character page but not the pencil version of your walk cycle, please finish penciling your walk cycle but do not ink it until you have tested it in class next Wednesday. You can ink your completed character page.
3. If you have not completed penciling your character page or your walk cycle, please do so and bring the un-inked drawings to class on Wednesday so that we can test them in Adobe Animate. 

166 Students: 
Continue working on your bible projects.

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