Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

4/18 Class Update

Hello everyone,
here is a little update:

1. 165 Students: Tonight you will turn in your animatic walkcycle. The Blink and Standing Still drawings should be added after you have completed the walkcycle.The Blink and Standing Still portion of the animation that is added to the walk cycle is due on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, I will introduce the jump portion of the animation. Below I have added a reminder concerning the steps to be taken when designing your characters.
2. 166 Students: Tonight we will talk about setting up your demo reel that will due at the end of the semester. (Do not panic... the demo reel is comprised of footage you have already created in both 165 and 166, its just a matter of putting it together)
3. Looking forward to the field trip to the cartoon art museum this weekend. You will love it, very cool artwork, bring your sketchbooks, see you tonight!

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