Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tonight 4/4/13

1. The one page mini comic is due at the end of class. Yes it must be inked and no color. Turn in the hard copy to me and a good scan of the unfolded page as a jpg. into the class folder on scratch drive.
2. Introduce the walk cycle:Read pages 102-117 from the Richard Williams book.  
Pay special attention to page 108. We will work on the walk cycle in class next week. 
3. Its official we have a field trip to the Cartoon Art Museum all set for 10:45-12:45 on Sunday April 21, More Details to come.
4. Weekend drawing project: Based on the in class demonstration, sketch out a rough draft of a character that is humanoid in design but may be of a mixed species. The character should be one that you will enjoy drawing over and over. Once designed, work the character into an animators reference page. The page should show your character in poses that are the same as the ones in the lower half of the sample shown below.

5. 166 Students the Godzilla project is due at the end of class on Tuesday April 16th. This means everything that is in the Bible as it pertains to the Godzilla project.

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