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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Character Design

For this drawing project you are going to use two circles as the basis for constructing a character. You can squash and stretch the circles in different ways, such as ovals that bend. Use the same vertical and horizontal line structure that we have used in class to line up facial features for your creatures.
Using only your RED PENCIL, on one sheet of paper in your sketchbook, draw 12 sketchy looking characters that vary in weight, species and age. When you have completed this, take a look at the page and pick one of the characters that you like the most and you will draw on another page 12 variations on that one character. I will be looking for smooth pencil strokes, try not to draw choppy lines.

The image above shows the characters developed to a high degree. Yours can be a little more sketchy like the one below.

 This is the 2 Ball first draft that shows a range of characters
This last image shows one of the characters from the first draft sketched in different ways or as variations on a theme. Note that all of the characters begin with a rounded shapes. Have Fun...
See you Thursday!

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