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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Don't Panic

Don't Panic... 

165 Students: 
1. Next class, be prepared to turn in your inked comic. Neatness counts, please make sure the artwork lines up with the folds. Please upload a copy of the draft and the final inked version onto your blog. (Use the entire page, no need to chop up your comic, up load yours the same way that I uploaded the demo) 
2. Next class, the final version of the ball bounce will be due at the end of class. You will have some time to work on it in class.
3. Next class, I will demonstrate the next animation

166 Students:
1. Next class, be prepared to show your character pages for all three animals.(See earlier post for character page details.)
2. On September 24 all of the animatics are due at the end of class.
3. Next class be prepared to talk about your concept for the Bible project.

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