Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Monday, July 11, 2016

7/11/16 Homework

165 Students:
Get ready for the next animation project... you will be creating a character that will be you or a human like character that walks on two legs.

1. In your sketchbook, using your blue/red pencil draw at least 12 variations on a theme, like the example shown below. Pencil only NO PEN!

 2. Pick one variation of that character and re-draw it in 6 different  styles. In the end, pick one of those drawing styles, it will be the character you draw  
3. The final drawing will be used to create a character page. You can start the character page after I have seen your design. We will talk more about the character page on Tuesday.

Below is a comparison of the same body 
posing with two different skins.

If you would like to get ahead a little you can read about the walk cycle in the Richard Williams text book. Read 107-108, 122, 136, 151-153, 163.

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