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Thursday, July 21, 2016

End of Semester Due Dates

165 Students: 
1. On Monday 25 at the end of class you will present your Walk/Jump animations.
2. Below is a list of drawings I will be looking for in your sketchbook on Tuesday. 
Due Tuesday 26 at the start of class.
Walk Cycle background
3 different Anime Style character types: 20’s-60’s, 70’s-Today & Furry
Character page (from walk cycle)
12 variations on a theme concept sketches for walk cycle design
6 drawing variations based on the character chosen from the initial 12
UPA, self
Sack background
sack character page
Personal studio logo
Colonial period, self
Expressive self (Tex Avery)
99 year old, self
Simpson, self
Rubber Hose, self
Political caricature
Zombie, self
3. Please create an electronic folder with your name on it, place 6 colored versions of your best drawings from this semester, jpg. or png. will work fine.
A folder labeled, "165 portfolio" has been set up in the class folder.
Due Wednesday 27 at the start of class.
4. On Wednesday 27 the quiz will be given.
5. On Thursday the 28, the 5 Minute presentations will done.

166 Students:
1. On Monday the 25 at the end of class, please turn in the following as scanned documents into an electronic folder with your name on it, into a folder labeled, "166 portfolio". The folder will be in the class folder on scratch.
Walk, Fly, Swim character pages
Movie project: Character Pages, Backgrounds and story board animatic.
2. On Thursday the 28 you will present the final showing of your Movie project animatic. 

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