Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

3/26 Class Hangout

Hi Everyone, nice job today!

165 It was great seeing all of your characters come to life, if you need help contact me!

165 Your backgrounds are looking good, if you need any help with composition, color or any other advise for your project, let me know.

*Everyone: Remember, DVC Spring Recess is from March 29 - April 4, we meet again as a group on April 7.

*Everyone: As soon as the Zoom system lets me know that the video is ready I will add the link to it here. Today's class video


1. When you are finished with your final pencil character page, make sure to upload it to canvas so that I can give you feedback if I have not done so already.
2. After I have given you the ok on your design, you should create a pencil test character spin. Up load that to the character spin discussion board so that I can give you some feed back.
3. If the pencil spin test looks good, you can ink your character page.
4. If you would like to get a leg up (literally) you can go to the walk cycle tab at the top of the blog and start working on it.
5. Again... if you have a question please contact me.

1. Finish your back drops and begin working on your final animatic.
2. If need to finish your character pages make sure to at least complete the drawings you can ink them later.

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