Cartoon Drawing for Digital Animation

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Our first live hangout

Thanks everyone! we covered 
a lot of territory today.

*Everyone, keep an eye out I will send you a link for next Tuesdays class on Monday.

* If you are interested in what its like to work in a studio, go to the tab labeled "Cartoon Network and watch the two videos the first is about 40 minutes but its worth it! Put it on in the background as your drawing.

1. Turn in your black inked, Disco drawings to the Disco discussion board. Due at the start of class next Tuesday.

2. Go to the "Character Design tab at the top of the blog and follow the directions for this weeks homework.

3. Turn in your pencil only concept art character page that should have at least 6 sketches of your character. It should show the development of your character as you try out different body types and costumes. *Note: a sketch is not a finished drawing, it's a loose yet recognizable drawing. Up load this to the Character Design Discussion board. Due at the start of class next Tuesday.

4. Turn in your the proposal for the final character on a separate page, black ink only. Remember to keep your character design simple. Neatly write out the character description you came up with during our live chat next to the drawing. Up load this to the Character Design Discussion board. Due at the start of class next Tuesday.

You should be working on the backgrounds for your project. If you like you can draw them in pencil first and show them to me by adding them to the discussion board. We will look at them next Tuesday.

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