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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Homework Drawing Projects

165 Students: 
1. In your sketchbook, full page, draw yourself as a zombie (Color is optional). 
Here is an example of myself as a Zombie.
2. At the very minimum make sure you have your red pencils for next Tuesday.
3. Bring in a picture of an U.S. president.... from before 1900. (It can be electronic)
166 Students:

1. In your regular sketchbook draw 
3-4 different versions of each animal 
using red/blue pencil.
2. In your watercolor sketchbook pick one version of each character and draw it in color.
3. Due on Tuesday: the 3-4 draft sketches and the final 3 color versions.
4. On Tuesday you will begin working on the character pages. The character pages are due at the end of class on January 23. We will begin working on the walk cycles on January 28, after our first ACME broadcast. 

*Note here the difference between realistic and cartoon versions of the same species as drawn by Chuck Jones.


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