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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Jan. 21, 2014 Homework

Hi everyone, 
Nice job on the in class drawing projects and the homework zombie drawings tonight. 
165 Students, for Thursday:
1. Please review the earlier post on Gary Panter. Please read about his work with sketchbooks for next class.
2. In your sketchbook draw your cartoon alter ego. (Entire body)
A. Start with an animal, object or a combination of both. (For this you may need to do some online research.)
B. On one page of your sketchbook, using your red or blue pencil, sketch out 12 slightly different versions of your character. 
C. Add ink to the sketches once you find the shapes that you like.
D. DO NOT ERASE ANY OF YOUR SKETCHING I want to see how you design the characters.
E. On Thursday we will look at your drawings.
F. Make sure you have a gmail account, we will set up your blogs at the beginning of class. 

166 Students, for Thursday:
1. At the end of class the 3 character pages are due. Turn in by posting onto your blog.(They do not have to be colored)
BOTH 165 and 166 Students: 
Pick a character name for yourself. 
It must be a fictional character, that exists as a visual image in any form. Once you have claimed it, send it to me in an email. This will be your nick name in class. My name is Professor Raven (From Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven)
My email:
Please send me your names by 7pm next Thursday.

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