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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ball Bounce

Tonight in class:
Ball Bounce
Look at pg. 84-95 in the textbook.

Create a ball bounce in Flash, in about 2 hours, it will consist of: 
1. Title Card: 
A. 3 seconds long
B. Display your full name, and name for the cartoon, (You pick the name)
2. Body of movie: 
A. Before bringing the ball onto the stage wait 2 seconds.
B. The ball should be about the size of a quarter.
C. The ball drops in from a above.         
D. It must continue bouncing until it comes to a full and complete stop.          
E. After the ball has come to a complete stop pause for two seconds before
cutting to the end card.
3. End Card:
A. 3 seconds long
B. Must say the end.
Please export the movie as a .mov file
place into Ball Bounce folder in scratch.

For more information Look at pg. 84-95 in the Richard Williams textbook.

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