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Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 18 Homework Drawing

165 Students:
Draw yourself having an over the top, super expressive reaction. Look at the work of Tex Avery or Basil Wolverton and the 1940's let them be your spirit guides. Use your blue pencil to design the basic shape, add the red pencil for detail. No Graphite! and add black ink. No need to color your drawings, show the entire body, full page. We will check them out in class. Have fun!

166 Students:
Next thursday at the end of class your final Walk, Fly, Swim animations are due. However, if or when you have finished them, the next thing to do is work on finalizing the you character designs for the movie you picked. Once you finalize your designs they will need to be drawn as shown below with a Front, 3/4 Front, Profile, 3/4 Back and Back view. Note that all of the features line up and that the poses are simple.

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