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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 2, Homework

Great job drawing tonight!

Here are a couple of the Poe Heads

 165 Students
1. In your sketchbook on the same page draw one republican and one democratic presidential candidate from the current race. Draw with red or blue pencil then add ink. make sure to use two different pens, thick & thin. We will look at them on Thursday.

2. On Thursday, scan in the inked page with the four caricatures of yourself that you created in class. I will have a folder set up in scratch on Thursday.
3. On Thursday we will create our first animation in Flash.
4. We will also look at your Simpson Drawings on Thursday. 

166 Students:
On Thursday at the end of class,
your first character spin is due. These do not need to be inked. I want them to be kept in pencil incase some part of the drawing needs to be adjusted. 

Here is the link to the Al Hirschfeld portion of Fantasia 2000

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